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Polytechnic School

Polytechnic School
World Ranking (Times)[1] 36
Country France


About Polytechnic School

Polytechnic School is a university based in France that has patents filed globally.[2]

Technology Transfer Office

The technology transfer office for this university can be found at:

Active Inventors

Active inventors from this institution include: Lu Baixiu, Chen Chaoyang, Chen Qiang, Cui Shengjun, Li Lingkun, Xiang Hongjun, Yu Hongtao, Zheng Guiliang.


Polytechnic School has collaborated on patents with Shandong Prov.

Notable Patents

1. Organocuprous precursors for chemical vapor deposition of copper film 99802648, Filed 19991207, Published 20010404

2. Hydraulic transmission with dynamic computer control 200320131286, Filed 20031231, Published 20050330

3. Automatic gas-electric vertical welding machine for seam-welded construction 92216775, Filed 19920818, Published 19930707

4. Intelligent drinking-limited cryptographic instrument 88217193, Filed 19881206, Published 19890628

5. Energy-saving drinkers 01277940, Filed 20011228, Published 20021204

6. Iron and titanium removing process for coal series hard kaolinite by magnetic method 96109831, Filed 19960919, Published 19970507

7. Planar parallel three-freedom robot mechanism 200710073073, Filed 20070131, Published 20070822

8. Single column name fixing plate 200420039438, Filed 20040322, Published 20050413

9. Double column name fixing plate 200420039439, Filed 20040322, Published 20050413

10. Testing device of a.c. frequency-change governing system 94110205, Filed 19940421, Published 19951025

11. Booster for oil pump 02246062, Filed 20020821, Published 20030806

12. Protective and supervisory device of kilowatt-hour meter 88214355, Filed 19880925, Published 19891018

Notable Filing Areas

G09F 01/00 (Cardboard or like show-cards of foldable or flexible material)

A47J 31/00 (Apparatus for making beverages)


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