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University of Alberta

University of Alberta
World Ranking (Times)[1] 59
Country Canada


About University of Alberta

University of Alberta is a university based in Canada that has patents filed globally.[2]

Technology Transfer Office

The technology transfer office for this university can be found at:

Active Inventors

Active inventors from this institution include: Beaulieu Norman C, Irvin Randall T, Hodges Robert S, Temelli Feral, Lopaschuk Gary David, Pilarski Linda, Jensen Susan, Backhouse Christopher, Vasanthan Thavaratnam, Vederas John C, Barton Barry, Chuang Karl T, Collins-Nakai Ruth, Brett Michael Julian, Catz Ingrid, Jimbow Kowichi, Knaus Edward E, Lopaschuk Gary D, Mosher Roy Henry, Paradkar Ashish Sudhakar.


University of Alberta has collaborated on patents with Smithkline Beecham, Beaulieu Norman C, Backhouse Christopher, Pilarski Linda, Alberta Research Council, Halloran Philip F, Temelli Feral, Bressler David, Brett Michael Julian.

Agents/Attorneys Used

The bulk of University of Alberta's patents were handled by Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC. Other agents and attorneys used by this institution are Bereskin & Parr, C/O Ms Roseann Caldwell, Nixon Peabody LLP, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Po Box 2999 Station D, Smart & Biggar, BERESKIN & PARR LLP/SENCRL, Bennett Jones LLP, Fish & Richardson PC.

Notable Patents (view more patents)

1. [Non-pressurized methods for the preparation of conjugated solid supports for boronic acids, Procedes relatifs a l'elaboration de supports solides conjugues pour les acides boriques, sans recours a la mise sous pression] CA 2419238, Filed 20010816, Published 20020221

2. [Augmentation of k+ channel expression using adenoviral vectors, Augmentation de l'expression de canaux potassiques a l'aide de vecteurs adenoviraux] CA 2405652, Filed 20020927

3. [Preparation and uses of conjugated solid supports for boronic acids, Preparation et utilisations de supports solides conjugues pour les acides boroniques] CA 2356455, Filed 20010831

4. [Agents with antifungal activity and methods of use thereof, Agents antifongiques et leurs procedes d'utilisation] CA 2230102, Filed 19970620, Published 19971224

5. [Dewars flask- compatible storage system and method of use thereof, Systeme de rangement pouvant s'inserer dans un vase dewar et methode de stockage connexe] CA 2220404, Filed 19971103

6. Reduced pyridyl derivatives with cardiovascular regulating properties 4771057, Filed 19860203, Published 19880913

7. Compositions and methods for improving cold tolerance in animals and humans 5192740, Filed 19910509, Published 19930309

8. Modification of pertussis toxin 5977304, Filed 19950606, Published 19991102

9. Modification of pertussis toxin 5965385, Filed 19950606, Published 19991012

10. Differential myometer 5911693, Filed 19970929, Published 19990615

11. Dewar flask-compatible storage system and method of use thereof 5906101, Filed 19971030, Published 19990525

12. Modification of pertussis toxin 5856122, Filed 19940822, Published 19990105

13. Fluorocyclosaccharide drug delivery systems 5739121, Filed 19941212, Published 19980414

14. Tissue Rejection 20100105066, Filed 20100105, Published 20100429

15. Methods for identifying and isolating variant T4 DNA polymerases 5660980, Filed 19950606, Published 19970826

16. Contignasterol compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising thesame 5646138, Filed 19950905, Published 19970708

17. Multiple capillary biochemical analyzer 5741412, Filed 19961023, Published 19980421

18. Anterior floor-reaction type ankle-foot orthosis 5609568, Filed 19950313, Published 19970311

19. Synthesis of fluorophore-labeled DNA 5945312, Filed 19971107, Published 19990831

20. Contignasterol, and related 3-alpha hydroxy-6-alpha hydroxy-7-betahydroxy-15-keto-14-beta steroids useful as anti-inflammatory andanti-thrombosis agents 5506221, Filed 19940412, Published 19960409

Notable Filing Areas

C12Q 01/68 (Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes or micro-organisms; Compositions therefor; Processes of preparing such compositions; involving nucleic acids)

A61K 31/19 (Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients; Carboxylic acids, e.g. valproic acid)

C08B 37/00 (Preparation of polysaccharides not provided for in groups ; Derivatives thereof)

H04B 07/04 (Radio transmission systems, i.e. using radiation field; using a plurality of spaced independent aerials)

A61K 38/00 (Medicinal preparations containing peptides)

A61M 15/00 (Inhalators)

C12N 15/82 (Mutation or genetic engineering; DNA or RNA concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; Use of hosts therefor; for plant cells)

C12N 15/63 (Mutation or genetic engineering; DNA or RNA concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; Use of hosts therefor; Introduction of foreign genetic material using vectors; Vectors; Use of hosts therefor; Regulation of expression)


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