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High Efficiency Compact Wind Turbine

Business Potential

Sale of turbines for use on cellular communications towers, high rise rooftops, military camps, island resorts and other locations where compact size, light weight, low vibration and low noise are important. Turbines are rated for 6.6 kW.


The turbine employs two sets of closely spaced contra-rotating blades with a prominent front nose cone. The first set of blades is connected to the stator of the alternator and the second set to the rotor, thereby causing twice the relative movement between rotor and stator. When combined with a low speed alternator, this eliminates the need for a gear box, leading to less mechanical loss in the drive train and increasing efficiency. In addition, the turbine is vibration free and noise free due to the contra-rotating design, which has aerodynamic benefits leading to further efficiency increases. The nose cone causes wind to deflect outwardly and, when wind speed is high, the turbine actually stops turning; this aerodynamic self-stalling behavior is a major safety feature. The technology was developed through years of research and is backed by a robust worldwide patent portfolio spanning all continents.

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