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Interlego AG. Technology Intelligence Report

Interlego AG. Technology Intelligence Report

Technology intelligence report on the company Interlego AG.

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This report covers US patents granted to 

Interlego AG. A company that boasts over 800 granted patents in the United States.


Inside this report contains:



Pace of patent applications and grants.

Technology overview and breakdown of technology strengths.


Potential competitors & licencees of Interlego's patented technologies.


Top inventors, top industrial designers and breakdown of Interlego's inventors and designer's expertise areas

Core technologies which are referenced most.


Legal expertise used by Interlego.

Recent patenting activity by the company.




  • Approx. Number of Patents 823
  • Number of Pages 32
  • Report Date 09 August 2010
  • Sources Covered US Granted Patents




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